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H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy & Management, Carnegie Mellon
My home away from home from 2005-2007. Sometimes I felt like I actually lived in the school, given how much time I spent at Hamburg Hall.

School of Literature, Science, & the Arts, University of Michigan
My home away from home from 2001-2005, where I lived eight months out of the year. I miss UM and part of me will always be there.

Stuyvesant High School
Home away from home from 1997-2001...the good, the bad...I fell in love with the building and I still miss the view of WTC just blocks away...

I.S. 237
8th grade will forever be my favorite grade.


My home away from home at times, since I'm such a frequent poster (though I'm not even in the Top 50 with over 6,000 posts, hehe). Note that I'm also a columnist...I feel so loved, lol.

No, I'm not ten, but I admit, I do go here from time to time when I want to kill time or just slam the keys on the keyboard harder than normal. Maybe that's why my laptop is malfunctioning...

Michigan Wolverines
Though I'm no longer in Michigan, I'll always be a Wolverine. (Because, let's face it, it's just so much cooler than being a Tartan... a piece of plaid cloth.) Go Blue!!!

New York Yankees
Though I don't pay attention as often as I used to, I still love the Yankees.



Pearls Before Swine
Stephan Pastis, the king of dark humor... but so funny, hehehe

Now that I actually work in a cubicle, I understand... o_O

Calvin and Hobbes
Hobbes looks like a good cuddling buddy...

Quincy is cute!

As an anti-conservative/Republican fan, of course I love Doonesbury!

I identify with Jeremy sometimes...


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